Portrait taken by Daniel Kudish

Portrait taken by Daniel Kudish

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My name is Adrian Morillo and I am wedding and event photographer based in Montreal. I spend my life taking pictures and at the photography studio The Image Salon, where I work as an photo editor, alongside some of the best wedding and lifestyle photographers in the world.

Back in time I was a fine art photographer from Spain, where I spent much of my professional years working in photography and film production . This experience allowed me to cultivate a unique & personal eye that creates stunning imaginary.

Seeking to grow as a professional photographer, I decided to come to Montreal where I move forward to work on my passion: images of what really matters: our memories, family, friends and those moments that are going to be ireeplacable, all while giving you friendly & professional support. 

Like what you see? Feel free to say hi and tell me a bit about yourself & your upcoming event!


Some companies I worked with:


We have collaborated with Adrián for numerous events where he worked both in photography and video to document the work of emerging and established artists. His work is very professional and he is very quick to establish contact with patrons and performers.

He works quickly and efficiently to produce high quality images that always please us and the artists.
— Claudia Parent, Production Coordinator at MAI
Meduza Maat at a concert in Montreal ©Adrian Morillo
Not knowing Adrian before we were a little skeptical, as he was referred to as from a friend. That being said from the first line of communication until receiving the final copies, Adrian was nothing but kind, professional and understanding. He created work that we will forever cherish.

Adrian suggested we do a pre-wedding photoshoot to help us get comfortable with the camera. He showed us some of the ins-and-outs of how our big day would go. The results of the pre-wedding shoot was incredible and I would really suggest you do this, as it really put us at ease being infront of the camera.

On the wedding day, Adrian found a way to make it easy special and fun for us. He was patient and calm and fun with our guest who are not always the easiest people to manage. The final results were phenomenal. He was able to caputure the moments perfectly. The final product after editing were incredibly professional looking.

Thank you Adrian for making our wedding memorable and giving us pictures that we can show to our loved ones around us for the rest of our lives.
— Marta Grzegorczyk, Bride
We were looking for natural & candid photos for our wedding day, and we found that Adrian loved to work with that style. It was a match!

He was professional and very charming throughout the day, always taking pictures in the background and coming to see us when he had specific ideas, or working with the light available to us.
— Carmen Bautista, Bride
Carmen and Pedro Wedding, beautiful wedding in Montreal

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