Portrait taken by  Evelyn Hansen-Gillis

Portrait taken by Evelyn Hansen-Gillis

Adrian Morillo

I am originally a fine art photographer from Spain, where I spent much of my professional years working in photography and ilm production and as an instructure all around Spain. This experience allowed me to cultivate a unique & personal eye that creates stunning imaginary with a personal touch. My work has been exhibited in various contries  such as Austria, Portugal, Spain or Canada and featured in Magazines as Vice or Aint Magazine.

Seeking to grow as a professional photographer, I decided to come to Montreal for its unique creative and artistic atmosphere and to be a part of the international photographyy studio The Image Salon, where I work as an in-house editor, alongside some of the best wedding and corporate photographers in the world.

My passion is to create a unique body of images of what really matters: our memories, family, friends and those moments that are going to be ireeplacable, all while giving you friendly & professional support. The four most important things to me are:  Family, friends, a well spent evening out, and traveling -  and I want to spend my life photographing these moments! I approach these moments with a modern, fresh, and natural way that is derived from my past experience in photojournalism, and my clients love it!

Like what you see? Feel free to say hi and tell me a bit about yourself & your upcoming event!

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